Need IHI Rubber tracks? No additional looking required!

Every one of OnTrac Parts IHI rubber tracks are A-Grade. They also have a 12 month 1,000 hr pro-rated warranty on skid steer tracks. Plus, an 18 month 1,500 hr pro-rated warranty on mini excavator tracks versus manufacturing defects.

OnTrac Parts adheres to strict ISO quality standards. We also guarantee that all of our IHI tracks are made to OEM’s specific quality and requirements.

As a matter of fact, all OnTrac Parts IHI tracks have a solid steel chord core, an artificial rubber mix formula that supplies up 10 times more longevity and toughness, are ensured to fit according to OEM specs. Our IHI tracks are resistant to cuts, splits, divides or damage.

If you desire to lower running expense, receive class A customer service, and also get next day delivery to minimize down time. Then, we are your preferred supplier for all of your IHI tracks. Give us a call to see for yourself!

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